Year 2013 will be a trending year for dual-identity smartphones that will give you the privilege of keeping your business life separate from your personal life. To meet the security challenges posed by BYOD (bring your own device) policies that more and more companies are adopting, a number of mobile giants are building newer smartphone software that will offer the ability to separate your personal and corporate data on the same device.

Pioneering with BlackBerry 10 handset in January 2013, the dual-identity smartphone technology will soon be rolled out by a number of other manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Motorola for their Android devices.

BlackBerry 10 smartphones, through ‘BlackBerry Balance’ technology, will allow you to easily connect to the world of information as well as stay close to your friends while easily switching between your personal and professional life. The new revolutionary technology will allow you to keep your work e-mails, contacts, and apps separate from your personal mails and contacts, thus combining the power of two handsets in a single device.

A swipe and tap is all that it will take to switch gears. A simple swipe down from anywhere on the home screen will let “Work” and “Personal” buttons appear on the display and a simple tap will allow you to switch from one profile to the other. The sole intention of this dual-identity smartphone technology is to help businesses secure their confidential data while letting employees use their personal handsets at work.

This new technology had created a lot of buzz in the technology world and if the latest smartphone surveys are to be believed, the dual-identity smartphones will have a widespread popularity, allowing users to protect their data not only from hackers, but also from their partners.