Dell is stepping in the field of networking. Report says that Dell is making a new term in integrated field and going to fill the networking hole. This is going to happen as company built its way into building an integrated technology stack. This intelligent stack technology will used for data centers. Other vendors like Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and IBM were already in way of technology alteration by rounding out hardware to deliver a more end-to-end data center package. Now in this hardware alteration Dell is moving. Dell already provides its performance by offering ranges of servers, storage and services. Now to be an active part of technology change Dell is acquiring Force10 Networks .Force 10 networks will provide company the networking technology for better performance in networks. This technology offers company an integrated hardware stack The integrated hardware stack will help to automate the deployment of systems in data centers. Incorporation with Dell there is many companies which build out more end to end products which display performance in this area. For example the key acquisitions include services company Perot Systems and for storage companies EqualLogic and Compellent and security company Secure Works. These all companies’ already building data centers which are served in multiple companies. These systems to host cloud applications and is also opening research centers for cloud reference architectures. The research Vice president Cindy Borovick clearly said that company would like to have intellectual property on the internal side. With the technology of integrating the hardware stack the performance of Data centers will improve. The Dell Company wants to automate deployment and configuration of systems in data centers. This automation will help customers build data centers quicker .It will also demonstrate reduction in manual processes in maintaining data centers. The hardware catalog of Dell already includes different hardware and networking products.Force10’s switches and routers would be complementary, Force10 also brings product design capabilities. This also offers an open operating system that could help Dell improve its networking products. Dell’s partners like Brocade and Cisco offers different products such as switches which demonstrate is the field of networks. Company products will continued as it only some dimension will changed as said by Zamarian. The disadvantages of Force 10 include a long list. Out this list the hit list advantages are it is its open architecture. The technology FTOS OS used in Force10 products can be easily customized. Dell can quickly adapt FTOS to deliver pre-packed products to customers, who can then further customize the OS depending on their system and network configurations but if we compared it with HP Dell is paying a lesser price for acquiring competitive technology. There was a bidding war between Dell and HP for Storage Company 3PAR. In this war HP won the bidding and ultimately bought for $2.35 billion. Dell earlier this year paid $800 million to buy storage company Compellent, which was once a 3PAR competitor.