There are many football fans across the world that may not know that in FIFA the football is not just any other ball made out of leather, but an intelligent device in itself.

Recently there has been a buzz in the media, whether the football will be laced with gadgets inside it to provide real-time data at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 

Commonly the technicians of the World Cup call it the “smart ball” or the ball that provides accurate inputs to the referee and game strategists alike.  It may well be decided two or even three months before the big game whether the smart ball will be used this year.

However for the time being, let’s talk of the interesting “nitty grities” of the so called “smart ball” first. To put it in simple terms, the “smart ball” is laced with a micro chip inside, which provides data such as; whether the ball has past the goal line, current location of the ball in respect to field view, statistical input, etc. These are just some of the details that are provided by the microchip. It’s from the various functions itself that you can assess the “smart ball technology” is an integral part to resolving all conflicts that may occur between the referees and the players.

Apart from the expensive broadcasting rights, which is the only technology that is ever discussed about in any FIFA world cup, the “smart ball technology” provides an interesting insight as to what really goes on to the making of the game.