There are many processes & ways by which you can have a kind of an unprecedented access to any administrator, no matter how much strong password has been used to protect it. It is a reality. Here we will discuss mainly regarding two procedures through which you can gain an entry into the same without much hassle or difficulty. The first one is the easier of the two but is having one condition. It will work only in XP. It will not work for the systems running on Vista or Windows 7.There is a reason of this process running only in XP. Since XP can provide an entrance to the administrator control through backdoor it can work if you are lucky enough to know that the previous user of the system was not adroit enough to close this backdoor.

The process kicks off with booting your system into the safe mode. Start your system along with pressing the F5 button simultaneously prior the logo of the Windows appears. It may happen that you will have to give tries more than once for getting the perfect timing for the same operation. Since it requires to be implicated on the exact time. Follow the process by selecting the safe mode option. As soon as the log on screen appears on your screen it will contain the information of a user that you are completely unfamiliar with. It will not have any password in it & so you can very easily gain access to it with the status of an administrator level user respectively.

Once you get in the windows by cracking the password you are having the option of using the control panel for making a change in the password according to your choice & follow it up by closing the backdoor. This goes the first process. Now as per the second procedure is concerned; it mainly works with Vista or Windows 7. If anyone closed the backdoor, you can even use the process to gain an access as an administrator. Although the process is little complicated if followed in the right way, can work wonders for you. If you don’t posses a live Ubuntu Linux CD, the best procedure for doing the same is downloading the current version of the same from internet. Download the iso file & start the process. If you are even failure in downloading you can go for the perfect installation of an ISO recorder. If you expect results by just copying the iso file on the CD, it will not work. You will have to install a specific kind of software which involves a certain process. First of all select the System followed by Administration & Software sources. In the resultant of Windows, go for the final check for the two options that are lying unchecked.

After that reload the material, jumping over the copyright & restricted legal areas of the software. When the processing gets over with you will have to select System followed by a click on Administration & Synaptic Package Manager which you will get to see on the top right corner of your system. Enter with typing chntpw. You will get to see a specific program appear in the list of the packages just beneath it. Select the mark option & click on Apply till it gets complete.