With Identity management becoming a nightmare for a maximum number of information technology administrators it is gradually becoming very difficult for them regarding the perfect use of it in the perfect field respectively. Employees come & leave with getting an access to the network site of the partner organizations in a very limited time yet in a safe & secured way. Not only these but it also involves with the users forgetting their passwords & misplacing their credit cards with newer & smarter services becoming available all the time online. It’s really a very major question of doing anything perfectly at the given phase of time. With tools being in greater use for a while supporting to manage the total hierarchy of the identity of the user starting from the hiring part till the termination or suspension part.

Microsoft Manager 2010 proves it as a very capable tool for the user. It is very user friendly & safe. From the security point of view one can use it as a separate mode for getting the system on the exact track & saving it from malwares or viruses that damages software’s. Some of the features that are taken into the account for differentiating itself from its competitors & making it more performance & result oriented with the present & very highly competitive web standards Forefront Identity Manager 2010, or FIM are emerging as a very efficient tool for the cyber world respectively. It is just like doing many works at a single time. It not only giver it users an easy access to the self service web portals & do a numerous operations in a very easy manner, but it is more compatible & useful in the modern web scenario respectively. Using it will enable a complete protection of the system from the malwares, no matter how much strong it is & will provide an outstanding security to the system which will be very much beneficial for the user.

There are many unique features which the users can avail through it, like for example, through a multi visional login Windows tool just like the log on prompt they can change their passwords & manage the memberships especially the group one very easily which becomes very difficult to manage in other software’s. Being an internet based software; it will support restricted group memberships which will be beneficial for the organizations for keeping records. It will enable the administrator to get a very easy access to data synchronizations & other such activities that will make the organization flourish in a greater pace. With to the point  & specific user information it will patch up with the building security system finally  generating a declaration to the workforce creating a new phase of web services & sending it to  the new user automatically. Overall we can say that it is a kind of a new hire rule with the location of work mainly signified & other such factors which really forms an appropriate group based data hiring initiative.