Does the idea of an augmented reality headset offering you holographic images excite you? Well, if it does, you are surely going to be kicked about the Google patent for a wearable device showing up holograms!

As per the latest update, Google has already filed for the patent that would enable the technology giant to feature holographic images, in place of the flat pictures that Google Glass presently offers. If this comes true, the augmented reality experience for the users will surely shoot up like never before and perhaps catapult the brand into the topmost slot of wearable devices.

Not much is known about this yet but speculations are rife that this may be code named “Project Aura” and it may be developed as an advanced version of Google Glass that currently features only flat images. To work this out, Google has already expanded its team via new acquisitions and this has set the other technology biggies burning the midnight oil to enter into competition and produce solutions that are equivalent to this.

While the entire news is presently just that ‘news’ – neither has Google confirmed anything on this yet nor has it announced anything about the patent. This has left the fans speculating about how the wearable device would actually look like and if it would be an advanced version of the Google Glass. The grant of a patent actually doesn’t guarantee that it will be developed; however, if it is done, it will surely be a treat for all fans who love their augmented reality-based wearable devices.

So, till we learn more about the holographic images on a wearable Google device, do share in your views on the same…