A Motherboard is the main circuit area of any computer. It holds all major hardware components and coordinates the functioning. The all new 760Gx M Motherboard is launched for the same purpose with some great features as well.

It is very simple to assemble 760Gx M Motherboard and you can build your system without even having to add PCI or AGP cards as this motherboard contains everything in-built. 760Gx M Motherboard is a new motherboard design developed by AMD. It supports AMD Sempron 64 Bit and AMD 64 Socket 754 processor. It has all the components like on board LAN, Audio and Video card which makes it very economic and easy to setup but it also has three PCI slots for future requirements.

PCI is the organizational standard which is used to develop common hardware peripherals. The most common PCI cards used in PCs are LAN Cards, Audio cards, Graphics card, TV Tuner cards etc. It enhances the portability and performance of the computer and the best example is Graphics cars. Graphic cards has separate  processor and dedicated memory which works only for the video card, so any graphical calculation does not give any burden to the computer processor. It is very necessary to have an external or PCI graphics card added on your system if you use your PC for high end graphical application or designing work.

Here are some of the simple steps to install a PCI card on you 760x M Motherboard:


You need to first uninstall the drivers for your current video card before adding a new PCI graphics card and for this, right click on ‘My Computer’ icon from the desktop or programs list from the ‘Start’ menu. Now select the ‘Properties’ options from the Pop-up list and then click on ‘Hardware’ tab and finally select the ‘Device Manager’ option.


The ‘Device Manager’ console will show all the devices installed on your computer. You need to expand the option ‘Display Adapters’ from the list and right click on the current video drivers and click on ‘Uninstall’ to uninstall it.


Once you have uninstalled the graphics drivers, turn off your computer and unplug the monitor cable. Open the computer box which will typically have four screws in the back of the box. Now remove the side panel so that you can see the motherboard and connected components.


You need to remove any previous graphic card if you had one. Now locate the PCI slot which is long and white and should be in the groups of three slots. Now you can insert your PCI card softly into any of the slot but make sure that the card is inserted appropriately. You will also need to screw the new video card onto the slot properly.


Close the computer box by re-attaching the side panel. Re-plug the monitor cable and turn-on the computer. Now use the installation CD to install the PCI card driver, or you can also download the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

These simple steps to add a PCI graphics card to your computer can enhance the visual experience.