CPU or Central Processing Unit is the most important part in a computer as it carries instructions of computer programs and communicates with system components. The instructions of the programs are carried in sequence to perform basic computation on your computer.  People use computer for various purposes and sometimes it requires faster computing and calculation which completely depends on CPU and some other major components of CPU like CPU FSB and CPU Multiplier.

CPU multiplier can be termed as the speed between the CPU and computer’s front-side bus (FSB). It is also known as ‘Clock Ratio’. CPU Multiplier is the aspect by which the CPU speed is determined in MHz. It also determines the speed of your CPU processing in comparison to motherboard’s external clock speed.

For example the external clock is 133 MHz and the motherboard multiplier is set 10x, then your CPU will only be able to produce the speed of 1333 MHz.

You can adjust this value to high position or low position, which is respectively terms as ‘overclocks’ and ‘underclocks’ and completely depends on your requirement and hardware components used in your computer.

Current motherboard comes with this functionality to change the CPU multiplier and ASUS understand the use of this trick and provides this functionality in most of their motherboards.

Here are the steps to adjust the CPU Multiplier on and ASUS motherboard:


Close all the running application on your computer and turn off the computer as well. Now restart the computer and during the booting process when you see the splash screen, press ‘X’ key from keyboard to enter the setup. The ASUS motherboard setup is usually loaded by pressing “Del” or “Delete” key but you should make sure the settings as it may differ in motherboard models.

The best way to know about it is by user manual or by visiting the manufacturer’s websites. Keep note of all these information before you start the process.


Once the BIOS page is loaded, you will find various information on the BIOS setup page. It can be either a multi-page BIOS or a Single page BIOS. Now use the ‘Arrow’ key to advanced option which holds the required information.


Now try to find the option “CPU Ratio Settings” and use the “+” and “-“ keys from the keyboard to increase or decrease the value. You can increase the value in this page if you want to increase the CPU multiplier speed and the other way round.


Now save the settings in BIOS before exiting and restart the computer. This will bring the CPU multiplier speed to your desired standard.

You should have some information in hand before adjusting the CPU multiplier like the BIOS settings of particular model, FSP speed etc. This information will determine whether the CPU Clock ratio has to be increased or decreased.