Android apps are extension for Android phones. Apps extend the usability of Smartphone and you can get app for any purpose from your daily use to your business purpose. Android apps are developed and maintained by thousands of groups and communalities and there already more than 70,000 apps available at Android market website.

If you visit the Android marketplace you will three major categories for the apps; Featured apps, Top Free, Top Paid depending upon the popularity and usage.

Here some of the simple steps which will help you to buy Android apps:


There are so many places to purchase the Android app but Android app market will be the best place. Open Android marketplace website on your computer or on you Android mobile phone to buy the desired application.

The categories of tabs like ‘Top Paid’ or ‘Top Free’ are to suggest you that what other people are using and buying the most from the Android market.

If you have the fare idea of what application you want then you should always go by your choice. Try to locate the application which you want to install.

Browse the application, download and install the application by accepting the prompts.

There is one major point you should keep in mind. You cannot transfer the downloadable application from your computer to your Android phone; you must always download the application directly on your mobile phone. Computer can be useful to review the application and place your order online.


Once you have decided that which application you need to buy, the next step remains to make payment for that application.

You need to have a Google Checkout account to make all kind of payment at Android market. If you do not have one, create a Google Checkout account using a Gmail account. This is also one of the fastest ways to make payment for any Android apps. You should always do this step on your computer.

The downloaded Android apps are always billed in your credit card.

Any international buyer (non US resident) can also purchase Android apps. For this you need to go to help button at the bottom on Android market website home page and then select the option ‘Paid App Availability’.

This will show the list of countries from where the Android App can be purchased, you need to select the country and then application converts the currency and allow you to place your order for application.

Google is trying to add more and more countries in this list.


There is also a provision of returning any Android app if you are not satisfied with the application.

For this you need to go to help page on the Android marketplace website and follow the instruction to return the Android app.

Such simple steps can help you buy wonderful Android apps which can be used for any purpose on your Android mobile phone.