Motherboard is the most important part in any computer. It holds all the major hardware which enable appropriate communication amongst them.  Motherboard is also called main board or system board and if you are using an Apple computer then you must use the term Logic board. In short form, it is known as MOBO.

Before the latest motherboard design came into the picture, a computer used to have card-cage cases called mainframes where all the slots and sockets were available for connection. Then, with high performance computer hardware, comes the age of new motherboards.

Motherboard replacement is a very tedious task and one should be careful while replacing or changing motherboard. It is majorly required if your previous motherboard is failed or you are upgrading a motherboard. Upgradation mainly requires in Laptops and personal computers. It is very hard to find the correct motherboard for the current hardware components on your Laptop, but you can always take help from your manufacturer.

Once you have acquired the correct motherboard for your laptop, you can follow the below mentioned steps to replace the motherboard on your laptop:

Step 1:

Find the manual for your laptop and go though the instructions to replace the hardware components like CD/DVD drive and hard disk. You must be very careful while remove these components from your laptop.

Step 2:

The fisrt step would be to turn off the laptop and remove the battery and the power cord. Now shut the laptop lid and place the laptop upside-down on a clean area.


Now use a screw driver to remove the optical drive, hard drive and RAM from the laptop. You can take the help from the use manual to remove all these components from your system.

Step 4:

Remove the wireless antenna lead, if you have one and remove the wireless card. Now open the access door of the processor and remove the complete processor set from the laptop.

Step 5:

Now you need to take out all the screws         from the bottom of the machine which holds the case but make sure not to remove any screw which holds the any of the LED. Open the case carefully as you may break some of the hidden clips. You may also need to lift or remove before removing the motherboard case.

Step 6:

Now remove all the wires which is connected to the motherboard. Remove cards like audio, video and unscrews the mounting screws.

Step 7:

Once the old motherboard is remove, place the new motherboard and connect all the devices back.

These steps are very similar to most of the manufacturer’s manuals but you should always refer the user manual before removing any hardware from your laptop. If you are not aware with hardware components, you should take help or advise from an expert.