Google’s android phones are becoming very popular these days and there are different number of models are available in the market. It is obvious that you also want to own an Android phone but you will get confused when you will have to choose one because every one has some attractive features. In this article we will help you to choose a good android phone.

Follow the steps given below and we are sure that you will get a very good android phone.


The first step is to select the cellular carrier because android phones are still to launch with At&t carrier. Now select the style of the outlook of the phone may be you like a full touch screen phone or you will like a physical QWERTY phone.


Now you will have to choose the user interface that best suites you. There are only a few versions of Android phones are available in the market from different manufacturers. These are HTC sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz(Samsung) and basic vanilla Android(no manufacturer changes) is available through U.S. cellular carriers. Now these operating system gives you option to customize the android phone from a number of operating system designs.


Before you plan to buy one, do a little homework. Now just list out your Android options and find out which has the best specifications for you. Phone which has more internal store will be better for use. The advantage of internal storage is that you can download more applications and your phone will run better. Now check out the RAM, more the RAM more the speed of the phone. Processor speed is very important for any phone especially in the case of smart phones, more the processor speed more smoothly the phone runs.


As we all know that competition is very tough and every week you can see a new version of Android phone. So always concentrate on more homework because the next new Android device is always around the corner. We recommend you to check out these phones on internet; may be you are buying a phone today and in the next week a new and improved version will be launched then you will regret the purchase. Try to check out the review available for the phone and also compare the Android phones. Every Android phone available in the market is pretty cool but there are3 some differences like some are more users friendly and some are not.


The last and final step is to get some hand on experience as it is important because you do not want to be locked into a phone on a two year contract and regret it Everyday. Just remember one thing for a first time user; using the Android phone is little awkward but once you will use one, you can use every type of Android phone with ease.

If you follow these steps; we guarantee you that you never regret the purchase of an Android phone. And you may become a android freak after using one system.