Your computer is a vital part of your everyday life and it is very important to take good care of it. In terms of taking care the motherboard needs the most attention as dust particles often settle on its surface and can cause poor connectivity problems in different devices that are connected to the motherboard.

In order to keep the motherboard up and running, please follow these steps:


The first and important step is to turn off the computer and disconnect all the wires from the computer. Also other components connected to the CPU and make sure that no electric connection is present.


Now you will have to remove the motherboard from the computer case and also detach the video card, fan or memory cards. Now the next step is to buy a can of compressed air from near by office store, it is also called air duster. With the help of this air duster, spray the motherboard. It will remove all the dust and debris from the motherboard.


Now you can also use painting brush or a brush with soft bristles with distilled water. We recommend you to use only distilled water because simple water can damage the motherboard. It builds up some material on the surface of the motherboard with the minerals present in it. Now take a look at the motherboard and brush those areas that air compressor did not clean very lightly. Try to make sure that you do not scrub too hard because it can damage the motherboard.


Now you can also clean it with alcohol, just take a lint-free rag and blot the motherboard. As alcohol is more pure than p[lain water and it will clean any debris or residues left behind.


Now you are done with cleaning and next step is to dry the motherboard. Some times you can use little heat to dry the motherboard; it will remove the alcohol and water particles from the motherboard. But we recommend you to leave the motherboard overnight to make sure it is completely dry.


Now make sure that motherboard is completely dry and clean.  Now collect all the components and reassemble the motherboard into the computer. Reattach all cards and fan in the computer case and restart the computer to check if the motherboard is running properly.

Cleaning a motherboard is also depends on the environment in which you are working. Most of the times you need to clean the motherboard every year. When you are cleaning a motherboard just take a look at the fans and other cars also. If any dust or debris is there then you can also clean them with a piece of cloth. As we told you take maximum care while cleaning a motherboard because if you rub hardly or spray with more water then it can damages the parts of the motherboard, so be careful.