Keyboard is the most vital device in any computer system. We can work on a computer without presence of any other input device but we cannot even boot the computer without a working keyboard. Keyboards have been into existence since the time computers were developed. Though at that time keyboards had very less keys just for entering the binary input which was 1 or 0 but now keyboards have so many keys and functions that it cannot be compared with its ancestor in any possible way. Working with keyboards eases our tasks and increases the productivity because this device is the closest to us physically and almost all the times our hands are on this device.

In Windows you can use your keyboard shortcuts to invoke any application or file.


Right click on the shortcut of that application or file on the desktop and go to Properties.


Under the shortcut Tab you will find a text box titled “Shortcut” with “None” written in it.


Click in this box and press the CTRL key. Along with CTRL also press the key which you want to assign to that application.

You will find that the ALT key automatically gets added in the whole string. This happens because shortcuts with only CTRL key or only ALT key are very much predefined in Windows itself. For example CTRL+C for Copy, CTRL+X for Cut, CTRL+V for paste, ALT+F for opening the File menu and so on. There are many predefined keyboard shortcuts in Windows and just for them not to get duplicated the combination of CTRL and ALT keys is used for defining the custom shortcuts.


Click on apply and OK and wait for a while because this change gets written in the registry and then gets loaded in the memory along with the explorer.


Now press the combination of CTRL+ALT and the assigned key and you will see that that application will come up automatically. It really helps trust me.