Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which gives its users option to save data in tabular form and perform analysis, calculations, and reporting directly on the data. The front end of this application is the tabular spreadsheet which is used for saving data. On the other hand Microsoft money is financial software which is solely designed and developed to cater the needs of personal book keeping. It is used by home users for keeping track of their personal finances and the last version of this software was released in August 2010 and it can be installed, re-installed for any number of times without the need of activation. At times you might require converting the data in Microsoft money to a Microsoft Excel file, but to be true there is no direct way to do that. Both applications share no bridge between themselves and so you have to go through a work around in order to accomplish this conversion. In this post I will discuss the steps of converting a Microsoft Money file into a Microsoft Excel file.

It is important to note that  there is no way of converting the actual file of Money to Excel, but the most you can do is to get Money’s data in an Excel file and then save the Excel file in XLS format. Here are the steps to convert MS money data to MS Excel.

Step1: Open the Microsoft Money file in Money software.

Step2: Click on File and the click on Export (make sure you export the file to a text document and then save it to a preferred location of yours).

Step3: Close Microsoft Money and open Microsoft Excel.

Step4: Open a New File and then click on File and then on Import.

Step5: Go through the steps of the Import Wizard and select the newly created TXT file which holds the data from Money file.

Step6: The Wizard will further ask you about the delimiter, so you can specify it as Comma or a Tab and see the data in the preview above.

Step7: Finish the Import Wizard and then Excel will start importing the data and keeping it in Tabular format in its active worksheet.

Step8: Once you have your data just go through the Column Headers and see if it is imported correctly and do the little editing and formatting if required.

Step9: Save the Newly created Excel File and that would be all

By following the 9 simple steps you can get the data out of your Microsoft Money File and save it in a new Microsoft Excel Workbook. Apart from this import and export there is no other method of doing the conversion. If you search on the internet for any Money to Excel converting software then you will find many, but none of them will guarantee a 100% proper conversion. If you decide to spend some amount on such convertors then do it at your own risk.