BOM or Bill of Material is a documentation for all the raw material, components and other parts and quantities but it is not necessary that all the physical material are described in BOM. It contains all the major information and list of components for the project.

There are number of ways to make BOM and you can do that by using MS Excel as well. This wonderful tool and the statistics and calculation capacity of MS Excel make the task very simple.

Here are some of the basic steps to create a BOM using MS Excel:


Open MS Excel application by selecting the Microsoft Office Suite program in the Start Menu.


Once the MS Excel application open, select ‘File’ menu and then select ‘New’ option. The navigation can be different in different versions of MS excel.


At this point, you would need to choose the perfect template for the file you are trying to create. For this you need to go to Office Online website and type the ‘bill of material’ in the search box. Now click on ‘Go’ on the webpage or press Enter from the keyboard.


The page will load various templates related to search result and you have to be very careful while choosing the appropriate item for your BOM. Select the correct file and then click on ‘Download’ which will open the template in a new worksheet. Now go to the ‘File’ Menu and select the ‘Save as’ option to save the worksheet. It will ask you to enter the file name so type-in the file name as per your requirement and save the file at your desired location from where it is easily accessible. Again, the navigation to save the file may differ in different version of MS Office application.


Now comes the part where you would need to enter the components related to the project or product development like entering the job name with material description and the cost and quantities of the material. You would also need to enter the information like the dates purchased and used.

These are some very basic steps to create the BOM using MS Excel and keep a track of everything related to production.