Microsoft Access is a very useful tool used in database management. it is used to modify, insert and delete records in a database. If you are familiar with computers then creating a form will be relatively easy.  MS Access also offers a very user friendly and intuitive environment for its users. Creating a database will be very easy if you are using MS access. You can also create multiple tables using one form in MS access.

It is necessary to have one table before creating a form. In order to create a form in MS Access, please follow the steps mentioned below:


Open the MS access program then select the table or query that the form will be based on from the main database window. After that click the “AutoForm” button on the right end of the toolbar. This is one of the simplest methods to create a database, when you will use this method; all fields from the original table are automatically shown.


Now the second step is to launch the “Form Wizard” by clicking on the “Forms” button on the object bar at the left side of the main database window. Now you have to Double-click the “Create form by using wizard” link. Next you have to Select the table(s) or queries, your form will be based on that and click the Next button. You can continue by making selections about your farm fields, layout and style. When complete, click next to advance to next screen of options in the wizard. Now click finish after creating a form.

Step3: To launch the design grid for creating your form, double click the create form in design view link from the main object bar. Now you can right click on design grid and choose properties from the shortcut menu that appears. Try to make sure that data tab is enabled and click on the record source line to choose the table or query that your form is based on. After clicking the source, a field list box will appear; it represents the tables or queries that you choose. To add a set of controls representing a field to form design grid, double click each field name. You can also drag each control using mouse to reposition the control as you want. Now you can switch to from view by clicking the view button at the top of the screen to view your completed form.

Now the form is created using MS access and you can view the completed form. It is easy to create a form in MS access because it is based on existing tables also the layout of paper helps users to concentrate on a single form. MS access is a famous software application to create form in database.