Different criteria can be used in a Query in Microsoft Access so as to confine or give a limit to the set of records returned by the Query. After one writes a query, when user wants to access different records, he or she will prompted for like: “Empl no. from” and “Empl no. to.”  This type of query that prompts user for criteria is termed as Parameter Query. It displays its own dialogue box where the user is prompt to enter relevant information. User can design query of their own choice for any piece of information and what they would like to be prompted by the rest users. Let’s take an example of “Empl no. from” and “Empl no. to.” As prompted user enters the data, after which Microsoft Access will repossess all the records available or that fall between the entered employee numbers. Parameter Queries can also be used as forms, data access pages and reports. E.g.: user can create a daily, weekly or monthly report based on a Parameter Query. So whenever user wants to print a report, Microsoft Access will display a dialogue box prompting the user for the month, week or the particular day he/she wants the report to be taken out. As user fills the data as prompted Access will give the appropriate data.

Following are some steps through which one can create a Parameter Query in Microsoft Access of its own.

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Access and select Create or else Crosstab Query in the standard manner or technique.

Step 2:

Next, click on the Design button so as to change the design view of the Query Box and select all the fields available from the field list. It will appear at the top-half of the screen as a rectangular box with the field names in it. Drag the selected field list to the Query design grid in the bottom-half of the screen and then choose the field you want to use as parameter and click in the criteria cell to use that field as the parameter. Suppose you would select the field that shows the Weeks.

Step 3:

Next step is to type a prompt command in the criteria field and once done enclose the command in square brackets. Let’s take it as you want to prompt for a week so you would type as “[ which week you want to view &#93.”

Step 4:

Now you have to click on the view button located on the toolbar at the top so as to view the data you prompted for.

Step 5:

On doing the Step 4 a prompt will appear asking you to put the required data/values or type-on the required field that you want to use or view. Once done all the records available in the database that matches your criteria will come up or will appear on the screen.