Microsoft Access is a very useful tool which is used to modify, insert and delete records in database. If you are familiar with computer then creating a form is quite simple and pleasant experience.  MS Access also offers a very user friendly and intuitive environment for its users. Creating a database will be very easy if you are using MS access. You can also create multiple tables using one form in MS access. It is necessary to have one table before creating a form. As Microsoft access switchboard does not allow you to create customized menu option, so, we will teach you some steps to create Microsoft Access switchboard form.

You just need to follow the steps given below.


First step is to create a table with these fields. You have to create FormAlias as text, FormName as text, and ID as number.


Now just create a form and place a listbox on the form. We are giving you an example, in the example, listbox is named as Listforms and if you are interested to know about the source of the listbox then it is query based on the table you created i.e. T forms.


After doing above steps; you need to update the table T_Forms with some required information. It is necessary before you can use the table or listbox. Now we will tell you what Formalias and Formname is. These are simple; FormAlias is nothing but the descriptive text of a menu item and the FormName is the name of the form you want a user to open. Now learn about Field ID; it is a sequential number you assign to each FormAlias. You can also assign its priority as you want; like if you want a form first then give it number one and the second form would have a field ID two and so on.


Now you have done two tasks as you have added a listbox to your form and you have also created the form table. Now you can create your query.


Now everything is completed and you just have to enter the one line code. The code will act when a user clicks an item in the listbox. The clicking by a user also depends on you having forms already made which the table F_Forms refers to. You know that listbox items begin with zero, so the Me.ListForms.Column(1) points to the second item in the query. Now the code is:
Private Sub ListForms_Click()

DoCmd.OpenForm Me.ListForms.Column(1), acNormal

End Sub

Now you are ready with an alternate switchboard in MS Access. It gives you more flexibility and more options to play with. An alternate switchboard in MS Access is the user requirement. It fully depends on the user requirement. After creating an alternate switchboard MS Access will not be as boring as it was before.

You should also take care of some important points, such as:

If you want then you can add error check like this; Private Sub ListForms_Click(),On Error GoTo ErrDisp, DoCmd.OpenForm Me.ListForms.Column(1), acNormal, Exit_Command:, Exit Sub, ErrDisp.