As the popularity of Android phones is growing each day, every one wants to own an Android phone. If you are a new user of Android phone and you have activated the phone but messed up about where to start; then you need more information as to hoe to tackle issues on your Android phone. You surely heard about the limitless possibilities of Android phone, so here we give you some applications and tricks to make the Google android phone look more sleek and stylish. There are more than 70000 applications available on the Android which can be integrated to android phone and work with it. You can play with all the applications and leave your friend surprised. In this article we will discuss some tricks and applications to customize the Android phones.

Just follow the steps given below to make the phone more stylish and attractive.


Start with the home screen; you can get a Cool new Home window. Now you need to decide some points like: Do you like your current Home theme? Do you want more than 3 home screens? Do want a cool new way to organize your apps right on your home screen? If you want to do these changes then GDE is best for you at a cost of $4 approx. the main features of this application are very impressive. You can have more than 7 home screens, it has e very cool 3D cube and you can switch between them easily, it has a very cool widget application dock, using this application you can drag and scroll any folder without opening it entirely.


You can also get a customized clock or weather widget in android phones. This widget kit is the coolest clock and weather widget you have ever seen in any operating system. This Beautiful and attractive Widgets Cost just $1. This widget is very attractive due to its cool features like it has Very slick look, it is transparent on top of your Background/Wallpaper. This widget also includes other widgets like Bluetooth on/off or wi fi. Just tap on the time and you can set alarm also.


Now customize the screen wallpaper, just download some wallpaper application that will look super sweet on the screen. You can download them at no cost some of them are Zedge which has high resolution wallpapers and also you can visit Mobilo wallpaper or Android wallpaper.

You can also customize ring tones for Android mobile phones. Just go to the android market place and touch and save the ringtone on the phone. You can also download from other websites, they are available free. We recommend you to use one application to make ringtones, use Ringdroid to split the songs in parts and make them ringtones. Using this application you can also send the ringtone to your friends.


Now the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the screen clean and clutter free. Save stuffs in the phone according to the specific themes. When you are using multiple screens then place media files at one page, images on other page and so on.