Microsoft Corporation is a software giant. Microsoft has given us so many software and programs. It established in April 1975 and in past 35 years Microsoft has given us Windows Operating Systems, Office Suites, Phones, Gaming consoles and several of other applications and programs.

One of the most popular programs of Microsoft is its Excel program which is in most uses programs in all over the world. As any industry standard for spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel comes with different kinds of advantages to the new user or user of another spreadsheet program. Since the beginning Microsoft has updated its Excel program to modern technology and the needs of spreadsheet users. If you are a Microsoft Excel user then you don’t need to worry regarding the file compatibility with sending and receiving spreadsheets to your colleagues  and also to get from your colleagues, because Microsoft Excel is very famous you hardly need to worry regarding converting a spreadsheet into a different format. In Microsoft Excel you can insert, view, manipulate or import your spreadsheets with in a variety of famous software applications.

Microsoft Excel include extensive help documentation by that you can also find many resources to get help online, you can get help in libraries, bookstores, walk through videos and support forums.

It has a powerful customization, MS Excel offers excellent customization by macros and visual basic add ons, for you if you have specific needs and experience in programming. Microsoft Excel is the most easy to use spreadsheet program in the world with its instinctive design, helpful wizard and easy point and click features. Now days if you go any place like any office, organization, company or even in homes you can see that all people are working on Microsoft Excel for their different needs because Microsoft Excel is a program that gives you a variety of applications. The first version of Microsoft Excel was released in 1982 and then Microsoft launched many other versions of Microsoft Excel and the latest version of MS Excel is Microsoft Excel 2010 which has launched on last year.

In Microsoft Excel instead of cell reference you can make cell names. By naming cells you can set up formulas easily in MS Excel and in Excel you can also set a name for a cell range.

Following are few steps to define cell names in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1:

Firstly open the Microsoft Excel on your computer and then open the file that you want to change, and now select the cell or you can select the range of cells that you want to name.

Step 2:

You can now click the name box at the left side of the formula bar you can see something like A1 or B6 in it and then type the name for the cells, now you can just push Enter to process your changes.

By using those above mentioned two steps you can define cell names in Microsoft Excel.