A blog has become a very famous medium of sharing your thoughts, products and content. Blog can also be termed as web log, which is also a type of website or a part of a website. It is generally kept updated with regular submission of work like photos, articles, videos etc. These blogs are interactive, which means users are able to  post comments and share their idea about the particular page or postings. There are some ground rules if you want to create our own blog which will make your blog impressive and would generate user traffic.

Here are some of the basic tips to design your own blog:

  1. Make your purpose clear:
    The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while creating and designing blog is to make your purpose or idea simpler. A clear writing style and purpose will attract new user and will keep interest for the full time users as well.
  2. Make it simple:
    A blog can be designed with many options like different colors, widgets but it only leads to fluffy pages and will make it harder to navigate. A user should have every simple and clear visual experience on your blog, for which you should always keep checking the components of your blog and remove the outdated and annoying elements.
  3. Use Whitespace:
    Whitespace is term known to determine the spaces between components on the web pages. It is used to define the better sense in design. It also increases the visual experience and readability of your blog.
  4. Use Complementary colors:
    It is also very important to choose appropriate color scheme for your blog to attract user and make them visit your blog again and again. Too many colors can reduce the user to be on your blog for longer period and too dull color can reduce the interest in your blog.
  5. Use key information:
    You should always place the important information like your email, search functions, RSS feeds on the place where it is visible the moment your blog is open. In fact these key information should be placed on every page on your blog.
  6. Generate and use custom banners:
    A custom banner is very useful if you are representing small business on your blog. A logo and a customer banner is very useful way to create brand and there are various free tools which can be used to create banner for your blog.
  7. Use photos:
    An appropriate use of photos and pictures can make your blog very attractive. It is proven that things are clear when depicted and explained with pictures.
  8. Perform usability check:
    You should always perform a usability check. Take proper feedback from the professionals in this field. Such information will help you a lot to increase the performance of your blog.
  9. Make your blog browse independent:
    You blog should be browser independent as every browser has different ways of functionality and loads pages differently.

These steps will make a better looking and result oriented blog and will help you get the maximum result from our blog.