As you know that a motherboard is integral part of peripheral system of your PC. In order to run the hardware you need drivers. As the motherboard is the backbone of the computer, all the hardware like video card or sound card is attached to the motherboard. The best method to detect the motherboard driver is to take the help of device manager in the Windows based computers. A motherboard also communicates with other components of the computer. There are set of drivers that allow a motherboard to function properly. Suppose you want to remove or replace one driver from the system then you should know how to detect all drivers you have.

You just follow the steps given below and you will be able to determine the motherboard drivers in your computer.


First step is open the desktop window and right click the” my computer” icon. Now go to properties, in the property window just go to the hardware tab. Under the hardware tab hit the device manager window to open the device manager window. It will show you a list of all the devices on the system.


Now in the device manager expands the system devices with a click. Now find out motherboard resources under the system devices. Now you will just have to double click on the motherboard resources button to see the motherboard resources window.


In the motherboard resources window locate and click the driver tab. When you click the driver tab it will show the information regarding motherboard driver’s name and version.

Now you know the steps to detect motherboard drivers. Some times you get problems regarding sound and video then you can see the drivers are properly installed or not. And you can troubleshoot these problems regarding hardware. When you install a new window on the system then you will have to install all drivers to run the computer properly. When you successfully installed the driver seven after something wrong with the display or sound or network then you can detect the drivers