Ubuntu is a type of Linux operating system which has become available as an open source software. Installation of Ubuntu can be done through a CD or the Internet. As a result of it being a open source software, Ubuntu has become   more popular because of its three main features: reliability, security and stability.

Dell, HP and Lenovo all have specific motherboard identifiers. Sometimes you would need to identify the motherboard model number if you are thinking of changing it. If you have Ubuntu installed then you will need to go through certain procedures to identify the model number. you can determine motherboard in Ubuntu.

Please follow the instructions below to identify the motherboard type on Ubuntu.


The first step is to open the main Ubuntu menu and move the cursor over accessories and click terminal. Now you will have to type or copy paste “sudo ishw” in the terminal prompt.


Now the computer will prompt you to enter administrator password and press enter. It will show all the basic information about the motherboard like model number, version and vendor. Now to know more about motherboard, type “Sudo dmidecode” in the terminal prompt. After entering administrator password press enter and it will show you ROM size and wake up type of motherboard.


It is important to know the motherboard type installed on the system. To do so, just scroll the mouse down to the “base board information” tab. Now you will see a report and  the report lists the motherboard manufacturer, product name, serial number, and other information about the system BIOS.


You can read the above report in the HTML format; it is very easy to read them in HTML format. Just go to the terminal prompt and type sudo lshw -html > hardware.html”. Now it will prompt you to enter your administrator password after that hit “Enter.”By default the report will be saved in your home folder.


Now to read the report in HTML format open the home folder and double click the “hardware.html” report. When you click the Internet Explorer will be open and you just have to scroll down to the “description: motherboard” to read and determine the type of motherboard installed on the system.

You can also know the motherboard information from the motherboard user manual if the motherboard has not been upgraded. If you want to upgrade or you are facing any problem regarding motherboard then it is important to determine the motherboard type. When you are aware of the motherboard type you can easily troubleshoot the motherboard. If you are using Windows you will know easily the motherboard type using only two strokes of keys. You can also use some application to determine motherboard type in computers.