Android smartphone operating system is not only the choice for home users; it is also getting popular amongst developers. An increasing number of freelance developers and programmers are joining Android app community and trying to develop innovative application for Android apps. As it is an open source and open market any java developer can develop Android app and sell the product. This is a great opportunity for programmer to earn money by selling their own developed mobile applications.

With the increasing user base, there is also a great amount of demand for developers and programmers for Android application. All you need to have good knowledge or programming and an innovative idea for mobile app. You would also require Android development kit if you specially want to design applications for Android operating system.

Here are some tips for developers and programmers who want to program apps for Android mobile operating systems:


The first thing that you will need a Google Android Developers Resource kit to program app for Android operating system. The Android Developers kit can be termed as a guide for developers. It has clear explanation for creating apps the developer’s kit also comprise so many tutorials and practice sessions. You can download the developer’s kit and get all the information in the website.


Idea is the key for any product and mobile apps are also products. Users have many choices have there is huge competition in mobile application market. You should have a unique idea for your application and at the same time it should also be very user friendly.

You musts perform a complete research in Android Apps Market before developing your own application.  You should always be aware about the current trend and popularity in the mobile app market. Android App Market will give you a fair idea of currently top free and top paid apps. This will also give you an idea about your own application is unique or not. Your idea or application can also match one of the existing applications available in the market.

Make research in broader categories; try to find out what attracts people a lot. Is it Games apps, or it the Google maps application which users purchase or download more? Such questions can give a beginning to start building a useful mobile application.


Once the research is done and you are sure about the type and the category of application you would like to build, you should streamline the programming needs and start developing your own Android app.

The best way to start is by completing tutorials and practices. Start finishing the projects from Developer’s tool and get the fair idea and knowledge for mobile application development. Android Developer’s Blog is one place here you can get any kind of help regarding this. This is the place where experienced mobile app developers share their ideas and solution.

If you have these basic things in mind, nobody can stop you from developing your own mobile App for Android.