Avast is one of the most used antiviruses available today. There are free versions available for personal and non-commercial users, and also it offers a pro version fro commercial uses. Like every antivirus, Avast also protects the computer from several threats like malwares, potential viruses etc. it also protects the Internet connection and computer files from potential threats. The Avast antivirus real time shield works in the background all the time while you work on the computer. Some times it interferes when you try to install any software, so you can disable or turn the antivirus.

If you want to turn off Avast antivirus completely then follow the instructions given below.


The first step in this process is to right click in the notification area of the computer toolbar. You can locate the notification area on the right side of the toolbar. When you right click on the Avast antivirus; you will get Avast shield control entry. Now you can see the expandable menu that offers additional options. Now in that window just click disable permanently to completely turn off the antivirus.


After doing all the process, just click on yes to confirm the action in the Avast warning screen. This action will confirm that you want to completely disable the antivirus.

If you are not satisfied with the disable option you can completely uninstall Avast antivirus. To uninstall it completely just follow some steps. You need to open the control panel and click the add/remove programs tab. In that window locate the Avast antivirus and click uninstall button. When you click on the remove button, you will just have to follow some prompts to uninstall it. If you are unable to uninstall it then you need a software program to completely uninstall it.

You can download the software program called awsclear.exe to uninstall the Avast antivirus. It is very important to download the program on the desktop. Now restart the window in safe mode then start the program by pressing execute button. Now search for the right folder in which you have installed the Avast antivirus. After selecting the folder just click on the remove button. It will uninstall the antivirus form the computer. You need to restart the computer to complete the uninstall process. But some times it also not works properly then you have to use different method.

When these methods are not working properly and you are not able to uninstall the antivirus completely then may be you have to download and install newer version of the antivirus. You can also solve the problem by updating the current copy of the antivirus. If this is not working then check may be you have installed two antiviruses on the system. In this case just uninstalled one of them and then try to uninstall the Avast antivirus.

We recommend you to install an antivirus program after completing the uninstall process of Avast antivirus. Because the computer becomes vulnerable to viruses and malwares if there is no security system is available on computer.