With the new viruses and spyware attacking computers every day the antivirus software have to be kept updated all times. The ways the infections attack the computer are changing and there are many gates for  viruses and spyware to enter your computer system. To stop such attacks at times the antivirus software or the firewall of your computer needs to be  extra cautious and needs to block programs that may hinder your PC’s security. If you have good knowledge of communication ports or the way Internet traffic moves then you can easily add exceptions in your security program but if you do not know much then you can disable your security software for time being. Disabling the security software is never advised and neither it is wise to be done. All the security software have different interfaces and have different ways how they get disabled or turned off. In this post you will understand the ways to disable the AVG antivirus from your computer system. AVG is one of popular security software and has been in the market for quite a long time now. After Norton and McAfee, AVG is the most widely used security Software and is like by many because it is light weight, easy to install and certain versions are totally free of cost.

Steps to disable the AVG antivirus

Step1: When AVG is running it stays minimised and stays resident in the memory. Its presence can be found by the presence of Resident Shield icon in the system tray. Right click on the Resident Shield icon in the system tray and click on Open AVG User Interface.

Step2: Action taken in step1 will open the main user interface of the AVG antivirus and on this screen again you will see a clickable option titled Resident Shield. Click on this or you can go to the Tools menu, then Advanced, and then click on Resident Shield.

Step3: In the new window you will find a check box titled Resident Shield Active. You need to uncheck this check box to disable the resident Shield.

Please note that action taken in step 3 will only turn OFF the Resident Shield, but the email scanner and other virus protections will stay ON in the memory. If you have to turn OFF the entire AVG then exit the programs completely. But let me reiterate that doing this is not advised.

Step4: Make the changes that you desired after disabling AVG and then turn the protection ON again.

Step5: protection can again be turned ON by following the steps 1 to 3 and then checking the check box titled Resident Shield Active.

Step6: close the main user interface window so that the AVGs interface window closes from the front and from the task bar but stays resident in the memory and in the system tray, and will continue to scan the incoming and outgoing traffic.