Norton System Works is a discontinued system utility suite by Symantec, it expanded the tools found from Norton Utilities but added other Symantec’s software titles, primarily antivirus and later backup software for the high end versions.

Norton Protected Desktop Solution, it is an application suite built similar to Norton System Works but includes different set of tools to enable support of DOS, Windows 95 or Windows NT.

It includes Norton software distribution utility 2, Norton crashguard 2 for Windows NT, Norton crashguard 3 for Windows 95, Norton disk doctor for Windows 95/NT, Norton speed disk for Windows 95.NT, Norton antivirus 4.0 for DOS/Windows 3.1 and Norton antivirus 4 for Windows 95/NT, other administrator components include, live update administrator, Norton utilities for Windows 95, Norton utilities 8.0 for DOS/Windows 3, Norton utilities for Windows NT.

When it comes to system maintenance and data security, consumers need a hassle free solution that is proactive and flexible enough to accommodate different user environments so consumers are free to turn their attention to other matters rather than spending time trying to determine whether their system is running at its best or figuring out how to fix an existing problem, consumers want a single destination that summarizes and communicates their computer’s status, in addition consumers need to be understand which technologies protect which activities.

To address this need of consumers Norton System Works 2006 features Norton protection center, this intuitive dashboard gives consumers a clear, concise summary of what they want to know regarding system and data security helping ease the difficulty of keeping their systems up running and protected.

Norton System Works 2006 offers users the trusted tools in Norton utilities to optimize and fix their hard drive, in addition the product makes checking the status of their system and repairing problems easy by one button checkup, a customizable feature that scans for problems, reports on issues found and allows consumers to choose whether or not they want to fix the problem in just one click. It includes process viewer 2.0 which identifies processes running at a specific point in time allowing consumers to easily see what software processes are running on their system and which processes are impacting overall performance, also included in Norton System Works 2006 is system optimizer 2.0, it’s a powerful program that allows users to turn on and off almost any Windows XP shortcut and customizing the Windows environment to accommodate their needs.

Following are steps by them you can disable Norton System Works and Antivirus without removing it from your system.

Step 1:

First click on the Start button on your taskbar then type msconfig in the Start Search Box or the Run Box for Windows XP users, now the System Configuration window will open.

Step 2:

Now you can click on the Startup tab then you will see a list of all the programs that initialize during the Windows startup

Step 3:

After that uncheck the box that says Norton System Works in the Manufacturer column.

Step 4:

Just click the Apply button then click the Ok button and after that restart the computer.

By using all above steps you can easily disable the Norton System Works & Antivirus.