Android is a mobile operating system which is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel.Android’s extremely tight integration with existing Google products, smart syncing with existing tools, interesting Android-only experiments coming every day from Google with wide choice of devices and carriers, make it an amazing product you can have! Besides, Android is completely open-source, that means you can download various Android applications absolutely free to customize your mobile phone! Some of these applications are Open Home, Google Voice, NESoid,Google Finance, Google Listen and Gmail and Google Calendar.  With Open Home you can change the functionality and appearance of the OS. Although this can be a concern for the safety of your mobile phone, you can customize your phone according to your taste and need by loading customs skins, icon packs, and fonts.

Google Voice lets you keep your existing mobile number, while forwarding your missed calls to a generated Google number that you can check on the web, in your e-mail. With this service you get the gist of caller message instead of getting a voicemail on your phone in the form of e-mail (or text message) with the transcription. NESoid is a Nintendo ROM emulator for Android that will help you track down the games. The lite version of NESoid is free, but you cannot load the “saved-state” of a game. To get the full version to unlock this feature you have to cough up $3.49. With Google Finance you can get your stock portfolio 24/7, with customized, real-time quotes.  Android is currently the only mobile platform where you can get official Google Finance app. Google Listen functions like a search engine and subscription tool for podcasts across the web. You can download the latest episode of your favorite show from the source while on the go by simply firing up Google Listen to search for it. And, now the utility of the fully integrated Gmail and Calendar apps that come built-in to the Android OS. The intrinsic link between your Android phone and your Google account makes it possible for you to view your e-mail which you have drafted on your phone on the web. You can update an appointment on the web Calendar, and it will be reflected on your phone seconds later.

You can also enjoy the built-in functionality of shared calendars, threaded conversations, Gmail labels, and “Send As” accounts if it is configured in your settings. With all these wonderful applications to make your mobile phoning quite an experience, all you need is to download them from Android Marketplace!  Do not worry. This is not a daunting task! I will tell you how to download android applications for your mobile phone. For downloading, you will need 3G/Wifi Connection. Just follow the simple steps given below.


First, select the icon on your phone which contains a little white shopping bag with a green robot on the front. This represents the Android Marketplace.


A screen that has several options for you to select will appear. If you are sure what app you want, choose “search”, if not you can choose either “applications” or “games”. Once you find the application you would like to download, select its icon and then select the option to install.