It has already been quite some time that Google launched Android operating system which is completely open source OS designed for smartphones. Now the Android phone is considered to be the major competitor for iPhone. Android has begun to release new innovations such as  HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1), which is also the first Android phone, and Motorola Droid phone. These mobiles phone already getting popularity in smartphone markets.

The android phone also allows you to watch DVD movies on your handset. Some of the major Android phones like HTC Hero, Dream, Magic and Droid Eris support this functionality and here are steps which will assist you to watch DVD movies on your Android phone:


There has been a great amount of queries and doubts whether Android can play DVD movies or not? And the answer is yes. You can watch DVD movies on your Android phone but you need be sure of the file format of the videos.

Android phone only support certain types of video format with MP4 video file format that is why you will need to convert the DVD movies into MP4 format to watch it on your Android mobile phone. Generally, all DVDs are protected with CSS and region code protection and you need to have some additional DVD ripping tools like Daniusoft Best DVD Ripper.


Daniusoft Best DVD Ripper is very powerful tool used to convert DVD movie format into any other popular video file format laike MP4, xvid AVI, MPG etc. The application is very fast and easy to use and rip the DVD movies for multiples devices like iPod, iPad, Zune and Android Smartphones. Here are the steps which you need to perform to rip DVD movies into Andoird compatible file format.

Open the Daniiusoft application and click on ‘File’ menu and then ‘Add’ button to add any DVD into the console. The DVD file can be loaded from DVD,Folder, ISO, IFO file source.


Now select the MP4 format to be desired file format of the  “Profile” drop down list and specify the file location to save the converted MP4 file by selecting the appropriate option under “Output” section.

This file supports most Android phone models like HTC Droid Eris, HTC Magic, HTC Hero, Motorola Droid, etc.


Now finally you can select the “Start” button to initializing the conversion process and everything will be done as desired.

This amazing feature allows you to convert all your DVD movies into Android phone compatible video files which you can watch anytime you want. It provides you the ease and compatibility to watch DVD like quality on your Android mobile phone.