Does the name Advanced Task Killer App suggests anything to you? Well, like its name, Advanced Task Killer Android App allows you to stop running background processes or apps in memory. In short, it kills processes or apps in memory of your phone.

The Android Google Phones are an awesome series of cell phones that are literally customizable to the individual user’s tastes and needs. Android comes with a set of core applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. The Android Marketplace is an amazing feature from where you can download many different kinds of applications (apps) and with this open-source operating system anyone can start developing applications for any phone running on Android.

The Android operating system can run multiple apps in memory concurrently which can be a Gift as well as Curse at the same time since some processes and apps can bring an Android phone performance to a crawl. Sometimes you may run an app and then switch to something else, thinking that the previous application is switched off while actually it is still running the in the “background”, thereby causing your battery to drain quite rapidly. Killing the background processes will obviously speed up the performance of your phone. The Advanced Task Killer app will close all running programs and thus conserve your android phone’s battery power.

By default, it is not easy to close open applications or running background processes. To close open applications or running background processes, you will need to perform a lengthy process by selecting a number of options. If you wish to know the steps anyway, go to Settings, chooseApplications, then choose Manage applications. Here you need to wait for the list to load and then select app and then Force. You can see for yourself that this is not quite convenient!

The alternative way for you is to download Advanced Task Killer from the market and use that instead of performing a lengthy process of selecting a number of options! The name says “Advanced” task killer but it also specify an “Ignore List”, or kill all apps running with one button at a higher cost without a home screen widget.

To download The Advanced Task Killer App for Your Android Google Phone, you will need to follow the steps given below:

Step1: First you need to go to the Android Marketplace and download the Advanced Task Killer app. After it has been downloaded, select its icon to open the program.

Step2: You will notice a screen with a list of icons for different applications running in the background of your Google phone. Select the applications that are no longer used by you and then simply press “KILL selected apps”. This will stop the background processes. Now you will be able to conserve more energy and can be sure that this will enhance the battery life of your Google phone.