Operating system is a very important part in any computer as it allows the communication between software and hardware. Ideally, the computer will be of no use without any operating system installed in it. Early computer used to have functionality to perform single task at a time, but with due course of time computing and calculation became critical and everyone felt the need of high end operating system. Hence the new age high performing operating system evolved. There are so many players in the market who are developing operating systems and Microsoft it leading the way, at least for home users. Microsoft Windows is the widely used operating system due to its user friendliness and multipurpose use and it is holding the 90% of market share of home user operating systems. In recent times, there have been other operating systems in the market and Ubuntu is one of them.

Ubuntu is a new age operating system which originally based on Linux platform and free of cost as an open source platform.

Ubuntu operating system comes with some additional software. The “Ubuntu” name was given after the South African philosophy (humanity towards others) and the first version this operating system was released on October 20th 2004. Since then Ubuntu has evolved a lot but it is still available free of cost.

Here are some simple guidelines to download Ubuntu Linux:

Step 1

Although Ubuntu operating system does not require much of the system resources but you should always make sure that you computer meets the minimum system requirement.

Now go to the official Ubutntu website www.ubuntu.com and select the option Get Ubuntu to download the application free of cost.

Step 2

Once you make sure that Ubuntu will work on your computer, you must also make sure to download the correct version of Ubuntu operating system. You need to download the Desktop Edition for home computer and if you can download Server Edition if you need to setup a network for home or home office. Make sure that you select the correct check box for your processor type. Now select the download location and download the .exe file.

Step 3

The executable file size for Ubuntu operating system is about 1 GB. You may need to wait for the complete download as it depends on your internet connection speed. You also make sure that computer has the un-interrupted power supply during the download process.

Step 4

Once the Ubuntu is downloaed, you can also burn it into CD as it is an easier way to istall operating system. You can also create multiple copies of the CD and distribute it amongst your circle because Ubuntu is license free.

You might find it quiet different from the other operating system like Windows or Mac but it is going to get popular with due course