Sun Microsystems is the creator of widely used programming language called JAVA which is used for web development and also for creating dynamic web pages. This can also be termed as one of the unfortunate situation on internet where some websites needs only IE to work appropriately and does not work with any other browser. Some website also needs special plug-ins or support like Adobe Flash player or JVM on Internet Explorer to show and load correct information. It is not necessary that you would require all those websites for your daily uses and those websites can be ignored, but there are some websites which cannot be ignored like educational websites or websites which contains information related to your profession.

Such scenario really lower down the enthusiasm of the people who wants to use or switch to Linux operating system.

The solution for such problem is WINE (Windows Emulator). It is free software which makes you to use and run almost all the Windows application on your Linux computer. Wine is also known as Winlib which acts as a compatibility layer and implements DLL alternatively that any Windows program use.

You can install any version of Internet Explorer on your Linux computer using the IEs4Linux. This browser simply looks like internet explorer on Windows operating system and allows you to all the websites which contains Flash and Java contents. IEs4Linux also has the functionality to install Adobe Flash player with Internet Explorer on your Linux Machine.

You will need to install JVM manually and also need to provide the appropriate WINPREFIX environment variable. Setting up Java is also very important so that the JVM work on the IE on Linux.

Once the java installation and setup is completed on the Linux machine, you would need to make the proper browser settings to enable Java in internet explorer.

Here are some simple steps to enable java on IE4 on Linux:


Open the Internet Explorer on you Linux machine and go to ‘Tools’ menu. Click on ‘Internet Options’ under ‘Tools’ Menu and then click on ‘Advanced’ option. This will bring a new screen up.


Once you are on the ‘Advanced’ tab select the option of “Microsoft VM” or the one which says “Java Plug-in” then click on Ok. This will enable the java to work on Internet Explorer on Linux computer.


Now you would need to lower the down the security setting for the IE so that it can allow active pages and dynamic pages to run on the browser and to do this, Go to ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Internet options’ and then select Security tab.


Click on the option ‘Custom Level’ and then scroll down the bar to the level where it enables the Java.

You can get the same experience on internet explorer as you could have with any other Windows operating system. These steps can allow you to view all kind of websites on IE for Linux.