Problem arises when beginners or users are not familiar with Microsoft Excel or familiar but trying to take out print out of their Excel spreadsheet for the first time as it get prints on several pages rather than in one page or not as the user wants when they follow the simple procedure of taking print out.

So instead of making it a huge bulk, you can follow the simple steps below to make it an easily convenient worksheet by taking print out in one page or as many page you want according to your wish but not how it gets out on being a simple command of print out.

Step 1:

Be sure of that through which PC/laptop you are going to take print-out has got Microsoft Excel installed. If its new version installed on the system than you need not have to worry, any version of Excel file will get opened. But if the older version is installed on the system through which you are going to take print out and you have created your worksheet on newer version than the file will not be compatible on the older version and you will not be able to open the file. So if you have created your file in older versions then save normally but if it’s on newer version then to be on safer side always keep the practice of saving the file in all compatible modes. You can do this by clicking on the Office icon on the top left corner or Alt+F where you will get the option to Save As. Click on that and then on Excel 97-2003 workbook and then save it where ever you want. Now you file is compatible on all the versions.

Step 2:

Now open the Excel spreadsheet of which you want to take a print out. Click on the File tab on the Quick Access Toolbar if it’s older version or simply Alt+F (applicable on all the versions). If it’s newer version than need not have to worry all options are there in the Quick Access Toolbar. Go to Page Layout or else View Tab, you will get all the options. For older ones follow the steps below.

Step 3:

On doing the above mentioned tip you will get Page setup dialog box where you have to click on the Page tab. On the Page tab just click on the radio button on the left of Fit TO beneath the Scaling.

Step 4:

Now you will see a drop down menu with Page Wide and Page Tall. Enter the number of pages you want according to your wish and need in the drop down menus. Suppose you want to increase only the width so that last columns don’t get printed on another page then enter the no. of columns that’s getting printed on another page. It can be 1 or more than one. You will get to know this when you will click on print preview.

Step 5:

Click on Ok, save it and you are done. You can now take print outs the way you want.