Have you ever encountered the error “C:\Documents.xls could not be found” in excel. Well, this error is not a generic error that is most often encountered in using MS Excel. When you open any Excel spreadsheet by double clicking the file,  it successfully opens but so does the error, “C:\Documents.xls’ could not be found”, display? You can check the spelling of the filename and you can verify that the file location is correct, if you are trying to open the file from your list of recently used files on the file menu, you can make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved or deleted, its followed by several more errors referencing similar filenames which do not exist. The spreadsheet will ultimately open, but only after much provocation.

You can follow these  steps fix this error, “C:\Documents.xls’:

Steps 1:

To solve this problem Excel must be unregistered and then re-registered to do this, you can close your spreadsheet if it is open and exit from Excel.

Step 2:

Now click the windows start button and then click Run type this phrase exactly excel/unregserver( minus the quotations marks) now click ok button and the window will close.

Step 3:

Now click the windows start button again and after that click Run and type this phrase exactly excel/regserver ( minus the quotation mark ) now click the ok button and the window will close

Step 4:

After all above things now open your Excel spreadsheet again by double clicking the file. Now it should open this time with no errors, this procedure will resets Excel to its factory defaults in the windows registry, you should not reactivate Excel after performing these steps.

By these steps you can easily fix the “C:\Documents.xls’ could not be found.” error in MS Excel.