Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc) developed a series of graphical user interface based Operating Systems for their Macintosh systems and named it Mac OS. Macintosh user’s experiences a high level of graphical user interface. Mac OS was first introduced in 1984 as system software. Mac OS is categorized into two families – Apple’s own code based Mac OS family and UNIX based Mac OS X operating system developed by Mac OS classic family. One of the disadvantages of Mac OS is the optimization of operating software to the hardware. The system software can’t be installed in every Mac OS as the compatibility of application to the Mac systems vary from version to version.

Mac OS are considered the most reliable and stable computers so far but then too it can’t get out of virus attacks. There are very less numbers of Antivirus software for Mac OS as compared to Windows. More current is the version of Mac OS more easier will it be to find a supported class Antivirus program.

You can follow these steps to check for virus in Mac OS:

Step 1

Open the ClamXay website and make out the resources below the link.

Step 2

And then according to your Mac OS version, click on the appropriate download link and download it.

Step 3

After your download is complete install the setup.exe file and once done with the installation process, launch the application and start scanning.

The names of other little Antivirus software for Mac OS are Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, PC Tools iAntivirus, Intego VirusBarrier, BitDefender Antivirus, McAfee VirusScan, MacScan v2.6, Norton AntiVirus 11.0.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition: It’s free antivirus software for the home user’s and offers a great protection. Literally it gives a business-grade level protection. It is based on the similar Mac virus scanner Sophos uses in Sophos Endpoint Security line. The best part about this software is it detects for both Mac as well as Windows malware.

PC Tools iAntivirus: This Mac antivirus software is offered free of cost to home and home office users but corporate sectors are charged with a nominal fee. It does the same job as Sophos antivirus. Only exception is it can’t detect windows malware.

Intego Virus Barrier: This software keeps it focus mainly on the security issues of Mac OS. Although it seems like having such a narrow focus would not work-out but the fact is it well does its job.

BitDefender Antivirus: This software has its excellent track record for detecting and preventing viruses and other forms of malware. It will definitely work-out and solve your security issues in addition will prevent the Windows targeting malware as well.

MacScan Antivirus: SecureMac has developed this antivirus software targeting the Mac users in relation to stand against the spyware threats they face. Being narrow in scope, it offers a wonderful protection which is really appreciable. It focuses mainly on its target – to detect the spywares and prevent them taking out any information.