Till now it wasn’t possible, but yes now you can sync your Android phone with iTunes on your computer. You can sync it the same way people using iPhone sync their phones with iTunes. iTunes is a software which is used on PC’s or a MAC computer to sync the Apple iPod or Apple iPhone for music or various applications. People often keep their songs in libraries in iTunes and play it directly from there. Irony is that the songs once saved in iTunes get a special format and thus cannot be used directly by any other application. Now Android phones which are becoming more and more popular have got a solution to this. If you have your songs in iTunes and you wish to sync the galleries and playlists with that on your Android phone you can easily do it by just downloading an application on your computer and letting it do the expected.

In this post I will discuss the steps to get this accomplished.

  1. Start you computer and open website www.doubletwist.com. On this website you will find a big blue button titled “Download” to download the free application on your computer.
  1. Once downloaded install this application and now this application will work as the syncing interface for iTunes and your Android Smart Phone.
  1. To sync you Android Phone you first need to connect it to your computer. Use the specific USB cable which you would have received with your phone to make this connection as this cable would efficiently connect your phone at maximum data transfer rate.
  1. After connecting the phone you need to unlock the screen of your Android Phone, because as a security measure it will not work until the phone is in unlocked state.
  1. After unlocking the phone you need to touch the USB connections icon on the Android Phone to start its communication with the PC.
  1. Next you will be prompted to Mount or Don’t Mount the phone via USB connection. You need to click on Mount so that the connection gets established.
  1. Once the Android phone gets mounted with your PC or MAC computer you need to open the application which you downloaded in Step1. You will find the shortcut of this application on the Desktop on a Windows based computer and shortcut for the same is located in the button bar at the bottom of the screen in a MAC computer.
  1. In the Windows which appears on opening the application you need to click on the Music option under Device category. This action will load all the music stored in iTunes over here.
  1. Once you get all the songs listed you can either select the radio button titled “All Music” to select all the songs or select individual songs one by one.
  1. Once you are through with the selection all you need to do is to press the Sync button given at the bottom of the screen. This will sync the specified music on your Android Phone.