Microsoft Windows Vista Antivirus has a number of other names, it is also known as Windows Antivirus, XP Antivirus, Antivirus Pro, System Antivirus, and Spyware guard 2008, General Antivirus, Antivirus live, Vista Anti Malware 2010 and Total Security.

Each division has its own way of downloading and installing in a computer. This antivirus is made to look functional to fool a computer user into thinking that is a real anti virus system in order to convince the user to purchase it.

If you want to remove Vista 2008 Antivirus from your system then following are steps to that.

Unregister .dll files:

Step 1: Firstly go to Start and then Menu and select Run option

Now type cmd and you will see a windows command promt.

Step 2: Now in command prompt type regsvr32/u filename.dll, type dll file name which you want to unregister instead of filename.

Step 3: Then click Enter now you will see a confirmation window will pop up stating DllUnregisterServer succeeded will be displayed, after server you will see your Dll fie name which you done unregistered.

Stop Antivirus 2008 processes

Step 1: First press Atl+Ctrl+Delete

Step 2: Now click on Task Manager then press Ctrl+Shift+Esc, it will work for either Windows Xp or Vista.

Step 3:Now select the process that you want to stop and then click on End Task

Now you have to delete other files of Vista 2008 Antivirus

Step 1:Go to Start and then click Search then click on For Files and Folders.

Step 2: Now from what do you want to search for? This is list on the left just click on all files and Folders.

Step 3: Type the filenames on the search box and you can choose the Local Hard Drives which is normally c: drive, now just click on Search and that’s all.

Remove Antivirus 2008 registry values

Step 1: First go to Start then type regedit in search files and folders section now click Enter then it will open the Windows Registry

Step 2: Click on Ok to continue this procedure, now you are on the Windows Registry if you want to modify the registry key, you need to find the exact registry key which you want to edit or you can easily navigate through subkey, or you can press Ctrl+F to locate the subkey that contains the value which you want to edit.

Step 3: Click F3 to find out next, if you find the key then go to Windows registry and then find Hkey_Current_User then click on control panel and after that click on Desktop then Windows Metrics

Step 4: Try to find the Dword value which is named IconTtileWrap, just set the value either 0 or 1 after that you might be asked to restart your PC to make the changes visible.