Compaq is one of the leading laptop and PC manufacturer corporations in the IT industry. There are number of models available in laptops one of them is Presario 7000. If you have a Compaq Presario 7000 then sometimes you will need to upgrade the BIOS to keep the laptop runs smoothly. The ratings and reviews of this PC are very good and also it is a user friendly as compared to other Desktop series. If you want to upgrade the BIOS then you should be aware of the motherboard type, it is very important otherwise you will damage the laptop. One of the simple methods is to open the laptop case and see the motherboard information. But in this case you can void the warranty; you will tell you a better method to identify the motherboard. You just have to use a third party application to identify the motherboard.

To do so, follow the steps given below carefully.


First open the computer and open the browser. It will require an Internet connection to proceed, you can download an application that can search the computer and show the motherboard information. There are several applications available online like Everest, Sandra, Belarc or Fresh Diagnose. You can download one of them to identify the motherboard.


We recommend you to download Everest because it offers free trial. To download the trial version, go to the Everest home page and click download. Follow the instructions and save it on computer. It will also tell you to accept the end user agreement, click accept and continue with installation.


After the downloading will be completed go to specific folder where it is saved. Now you just need to double click the program to run the program. Now the application window is open, select the motherboard from the main screen. Now to see the motherboard information and properties click motherboard again and it will show you the entire information regarding Presario 7000 laptop.

You can also use other freeware like CPU-z and Blackbox to diagnose the motherboard. You just need to follow the same steps given above to download and install these applications. It is always important to know the motherboard because if you want to upgrade any of the hardware like RAM then you should know the configuration and compatibility. To troubleshoot the motherboard these awareness also become helpful. If you are getting more problems regarding the motherboard; you can also consult user manual or connect with the tech support. When you are using desktop you have freedom to upgrade it every time you get a better technology like memory or monitor. In Compaq Presario 7000, you can upgrade hardware and other parts. We also recommend you consult a good hardware engineer before upgrading and replacing the hardware parts of the Compaq Presario 7000 PC.