If you are compatible with the English keyboard then do not worry about the layout of the keyboard. Chinese keyboard has more symbols than English keyboard and these symbols are present in a contrasting color. If you are planning to buy a Chinese keyboard then it is literally impossible to buy it outside Chinese speaking countries. But every problem has a solution and you can buy stickers of Chinese letters, they can overlay the English letters and they are available in contrasting colors. Now this article will help you to install the stickers and the language input system for Chinese language.

Just stick to the following instructions.


The first step is to open the control panel, to open the control panel go to start on the bottom left side of the screen then click on the control panel. Now in the control panel just double click on the regional and language option.


Now you just have to select the languages tab on the top of the regional and languages dialogue box. After that just click the details button. Now in the details option click on the add button.


Now to add the Chinese language select the Chinese (Taiwan) form the language list to install the complex character scripts. Now click the OK button to install the language files. Now you have to configure the IME toolbar, this is the place where you will select the input language.


Now click the language bar button at the bottom of the tax services and language button. Before doing this just make sure that show additional language icons in the task bar and show language bar on the desktop are checked.


Now start with putting the Chinese stickers on the keys, most of the stickers have appropriate keys indicated under it. Now just open the application where you want to type traditional Chinese characters, usually a notepad or web browser.  Now set the main language input as “CH Chinese (Taiwan)” on the IME toolbar.  When you enter that, you will have an entry for either Chinese or English. You will have to click that entry until Chinese shows.  Now you just have to type the phonetic symbols for your characters. After typing the characters select the desired character from the resulting list by scrolling to the character and pressing the “Enter” key to cause the traditional Chinese character to appear in your word processor or web page.

Using these methods you can input Chinese in an English Windows. You can also download Chinese fonts from internet. It will be very useful if you are using newer versions of internet explorer or Netscape navigator. Now a day you can get several software or applications to install Chinese keys and fonts on the system and you can type from an English keyboard.

We also recommend you to install Microsoft Pinyin method if you are using Windows 9X or above. It will support the Chinese keys and fonts.