This article describes the step-by-step procedure for the installation of a motherboard inside the computer case. Following are the key steps; you need to follow while installing a motherboard in a computer case.

   Step 1. 

Turn your PC case on a plane surface and remove its power lead from the power supply, so that you can have the clear access to your motherboard plate.

   Step 2. 

Now locate the holes on motherboard and on the case or motherboard mounting plate.

   Step 3. 

Gather your standoffs. Screw them into holes in case or the mounting plate that is line up with holes on motherboard.

   Step 4.

 For the holes that line up with motherboard with an eyelet hole, install a plastic stand-off on motherboard. The stand-offs should poke through motherboard. Now expand the stand-offs to keep them in place. The little disk on other end of stand-off will later be used to slide into eyelet holes. If your computer case does not provide the eyelet holes then do not worry about this step. In most of the cases use only metal standoff screws to hold motherboard.

   Step 5.

 Now take the motherboard by its edges and place it gently while holding it over the case. Make a proper alignment of the motherboard inside the case. In the case of right alignment all connecters will be placed in right positions.

   Step 6. 

Lower the motherboard into the computer case. Place it on top of standoffs. Just place the motherboard so that all the screws are aligned up in the right position. If you are using any of slide-in standoffs then you will need to slide these into eyelet of their holes as you lower the board.

   Step 7.

 Now make an inspection of the screws. All the screws should be tightening downward in the board. You should take care while placing the screw in the motherboard. In some cases the head of the screw is sometimes wider, in such cases you need to place a plastic washer below the screw to avoid the short- circuiting of the motherboard.

   Step 8.

 Tighten your board down after placing the plastic washer below the screw. Tighten the screws, first by your hand and finally with the help of a screwdriver. Always make sure that you haven’t tighten the board too much as it may break your board.

   Step 9.

 If you are installing the motherboard to a removable mounting plate, then install the motherboard mounting plate into the case. On some cases, the motherboard plate is installed from the side. On these, you need to insert the bottom edge of plate into a guide rail on the bottom of case and then rotate it upward.

  Step 10.

 Finally, double check your work. Check and make sure that the back of motherboard is not touching any part of your computer case or the mounting plate. Make sure that the slots and connectors are line up with the holes on the back of case.