CPU is the most important part of the computer and the installation can often be crucial to the performance of the CPU. The entire peripheral system of the computer depends on CPU and the speed of computing is also dependent on the processor speed. CPU is the heart of calculating unit and used also for calculating registry entries. You can also install a socket Am2 CPU on the computer, it is a very quick task to do but there are some points you should keep in mind while installation.

Just read the article carefully and you can easily avoid those pitfalls while installing Am2 CPU.


First step is to locate the AM2 socket on the motherboard, move to the upper left corner of the motherboard near the external peripherals. Now you just have to press and lift the lever connected to the CPU, this lever holds a plate which goes over the CPU.


Now we recommend you to open the retention plate, so you can place the CPU into the socket. Place the AM2 CPU into the socket. The CPU and the socket are keyed to allow the processor to be installed in one direction. Sometimes you will get problems while placing the processor into the socket and it is not easily slipping into the socket. So the problem lies in the direction in which you are placing the processor. We recommend you do not push hard if it is not placing at right position, just change the direction. If you will try in wrong direction then it will only damage the processor and the motherboard.


After placing the processor into the socket, place the retention plates onto the processor. It may require some extra force to lock the processor. The retention plate is used to hold the processor and it is very important to place these plates correctly. Now place the levers again into locked position to hold the processor tightly. We recommend you to check the position because retention plate and processor should look uniform and flush with the socket.

As we told you just take extra care while installation of CPU because it contains delicate electronics also the motherboard has delicate wiring and electronics. If you do something wrong you can damage the motherboard as well as the processor. After installing the CPU, reassemble the computer case. Also you have to check the wires i.e. all the wires should go to their specific parts. Before closing the computer case check if the cables and components are fitting rightly otherwise it can damage the components and cables also can be damaged. Before starting with installation check you are grounded or not and also be careful with the motherboard’s silicon parts. These parts are very expensive and damaging them may result into a new motherboard which you do not want. To check if you are grounded or not touch the computer case and if you are getting shocks then use electro static wrist band to avoid static discharge.