Linux is an open source operating system and the development is available to every one. It is getting more popular due to its reliability and security and computer users are choosing it as an alternative for Windows and Mac OS. There are thousand of applications available for Linux and developers from all over the world continuously optimizing the Linux operating system.  Linux is changing every day and it can easily adapt to new technologies. You can easily install any hardware or software on Linux platform.

In the article, we will help you to install a USB web camera in Linux.


First step is to open the computer and plug the USB camera to the computer. Now boot in Linux operating system and log in.


Now if you are using Skype that uses web cam then fire up the program. There is a good chance that the webcam will work with the Linux if it is recently manufactured. If it will not work then keep reading.


Now the next step is to open a terminal window and type the command “dmesg | more”. While typing remove the quotes. When you press enter, it will navigate you to boot-up messages. Now in that window try to locate any message related to camera. When you see the message or reference, go to your “/lib/modules/usb” subfolder. In that folder locate if any module is present in the subfolder. The location of “/usb” subfolder varies according to your Linux operating system version. You will have to install new kernel and reboot the computer, now try to reconnect the USB camera.


The next step is to open a terminal window and try to fire up the “lusb” program. May be your system is running a graphical environment like Gnome or KDE; you can use the v412-tool to check for a list of USB devices attached to your system. Now determine the type of USB device listed in your camera. As there is no rule to do so, guessing work will do the job. It can be manufacturer’s product ID, the product ID will be eight digit numbers with a colon in the middle. You can search Linux drivers on internet using this manufacture ID.

If you are getting any problem then we recommend you to check the camera if it is compatible with the Linux or not. Linux is an easy to use operating system and once you will be interested; you will become proficient in Linux. We also recommend you and the best way to locate the drivers from the internet and install the software on the system. After connecting and installing the web cam, check if it is properly installed or not. If it is not installed properly then try to re install it. The computer will tell you to reboot the system to complete the installation. We hope this article will help you to install the web cam in Linux.