CPU and Motherboard are the most integral part for personal computer. While Motherboard is the main circuitry board on computer which holds all the major hardware component and synchronizes the communication amongst them, CPU is the central processing unit which calculates the computing on the computer. A processor is one of the most important parts of the computer and when you will install it the front side bus is irrelevant as long as the socket type matches the processor socket of the motherboard. When you will install an 800FSB CPU in a 400FSB motherboard, the processor will be effectively bottlenecked and it will use only 400FSB speed of the motherboard. Follow the instructions given below to install an 800FSB CPU in a 400FSB motherboard. The FSB in computer denotes the front-side bus which carries the data from CPU and distribute it amongst the various required component. It is a new technology in computing information transmission which is faster than the computer memory (RAM). FSB in CPU determines the bandwidth and speed of data carrier and it also determines the computing and processing speed which is very necessary in today’s personal computer.

Nowadays computers are being used for various purposes like designing, high-end calculation, etc and it becomes necessary to keep your computer equipped with the components which support such requirement.

Here are the guidelines to install an 800FSB CPU in a 400FSB motherboard


First of all you need to turn off the computer, remove all the cables like power cable, monitor cables and disconnect peripherals. Now place the computer on its side and remove the screws from the side case. Now slide the case to remove it from the computer.


Now remove old processor if present by pushing the latches and insert new 800FSB processor into the processor socket. Now place it carefully and move the metal lever on the side of the socket down to lock the processor. Check if it completely locked or not.


Now take the heat sink comes with the processor and mount it on the top of the processor. You can screw it down or move the levers to lock it on top of the processor. The design is depends on the design of processor.


Now you place the processor carefully onto the motherboard, place the side case gain on the computer and tight the screws. Make sure that the processor is placed appropriately onto motherboard otherwise the computer will not be able to complete the POST process and will not reboot.

Installing a processor is easy but you have to take extra care while installation as it deals with internal hardware of your system which is very delicate. If you are not too sure about the hardware then take extra help from an expert.