Android is a very efficient and strong operating system developed by Google. Android is loosely based on the Linux kernel or you can say it is a replica of the Linux. It is vastly used in the smartphones and the market share of this operating system is growing rapidly. One of the best features of Android OS is that it is an open source application. Any developer can get the codes and develop the application of Android operating system accordingly.

The development process of the Android operating system is distributed among the large community of developers. Now you can develop applications like Droid Eris and Motorola Droid on Ubuntu 9. You can install Android SDK and Eclipse to develop these applications. You should know basic programming and have Java experience.

You can install with the help of this article, just follow the instructions given below.


The first step is to open the Ubuntu on the computer; you should have Ubuntu experience. Now open the synaptic package manager in Ubuntu. Now in the synaptic package manager, search for the Eclipse. Now locate the package that sya only Eclipse, just check it and it will automatically install the environment needed for android. After that just click apply to apply settings.


Now you will have to open Eclipse, to open this go to application then programming and in programming select eclipse on the Ubuntu toolbar. Now if you want to take help then Ubuntu provides you help to install new software.


Now it will open a new box, in the box work With: type Just press Enter or next after the check box Android Developer Tools appears. After that click next and just follow the instructions appear on the screen. When the installation will be complete it will ask you to restart the Eclipse.


Now wait till Eclipse restart and When eclipse restarts navigate to help > android sdk\avd manager it may also be under window > android sdk\avd manager or a small black cell phone icon on the eclipse toolbar. Now go to the android sdk\avd manager and find ALL updates and Android SDK’S AVD E.T.C and select them all and install\update them. Now again restart the Eclipse.

Now go to file then new project and in new project select Android project. Now you are ready to develop new applications for your Android phones. It will be easy to develop if you know and have some experience in Java programming. It is also important to have knowledge of basic programming.

After developing the project, you want to trest the project then Eclipse will automatically set an Android virtual device and you can run the project in real time and also evaluate them. The loading speed of AVD depends on the speed of your computer.