Your computer is the best means to surf the world wide wen  with a mere mouse click. You can roam around the countries like US and U.K with the help of Google earth by simply accessing the software. Your computer is the hub of all the solutions. You can simply find an answer to your problem by just jotting down the problem on your computer. Overall, your computer helps you solve all your problems either by hitting keys on the keyboard or by a mere mouse click. The world remains on the finger tip with the help of your computer.

Keep in mind that your tech savvy home remains under a series of viruses.  These viruses actually keep your computer’s performance at stake. Do you have an option to help maintain your computer’s stake? Can you prevent your computer’s performance from being stakes? Yes, you can do so. You can prevent your computer from such malicious attacks by downloading & installing an Anti-virus program in your system. There are a bunch of Anti-virus programs available in the market. Some programs are Vipre Anti-virus, Norton Anti-virus, Kaspersky Anti-virus and the most sold McAfee Anti-virus.

You can easily Install McAfee Anti-virus software on your system by following certain easy instructions.


Step one

You will be required to purchase a new McAfee Anti-virus software program from the nearest retailer dealing with computers. If you don’t have the previous option available then you’ve the option to buy the Anti-virus program from Internet that is through online means. You can buy the software by simply visiting the McAfee’s official website and purchase the McAfee suite for your computer. Once you purchase the one, you can install the same on your system as per mentioned below.

Step two

A set of directions and regulations will be given to you by the manufacturer and you can then install the McAfee suite by following the guidelines as jotted on the manual by the manufacturer.

Step three

Suppose you long to upgrade the McAfee’s current version running on your system with the new one you bought. You can do so easily by clicking on the “Start” menu which you can find on the extreme left corner of the screen for the windows based Operating System.  On the “Start” menu click on the “Control Panel” tab which you can find in the “Start menu.” Once you click on the “Control Panel” icon, the window of “Control panel” will be prompted and scroll through to find the “Add or Remove Programs” icon and double-click on the same to open it. On the prompted dialogue box of “Add or Remove Programs”, scroll through to find the McAfee Anti-virus sot ware’s icon and click on the same. When you click on the latter, the “Change” tab will get highlighted. Click on the same and follow the instruction to proceed with the installation process.

Step four

Once you’re done with the installation of McAfee suite get your PC re-started. Once you do so, the settings of the installed suite gets registered with the current settings of your system and you can go for “Scanning your Computer” using McAfee and don’t forget to enable the “Automatic updates”.