Linux is an open source operating system and now we have GUI versions of Linux available. Puppy Linux is a lightweight and reliable operating system. You can boot the Puppy Linux from any type of bootable device you can think of. It is very good operating system for an older computer.

We will guide you to install the Puppy Linux on hard drive, follow the steps mentioned below:


First step is to download the Puppy Linux disk image on hard drive. Go to the Linux home page and navigate to the official releases, now click download to download a copy. It will be of 100 MB.


Now the next step you have to perform is to burn the image to a CD. If your choice differs and you want to boot it from USB drive then copy the bootable disk image to the USB drive. Now reboot the computer to boot the Linux, when the computer boots up, the Linux splash screen appears. Now click enter to enter the setup. After pressing enter the setup will ask you a series of questions, just stick to the default answer to avoid any contradiction.


Now for a new partition, click the “menu” button, navigate to “System” and then click “GParted.” Now you want Linux as the partition then you will have to create a Linux partition. Now to create a new partition, click “new”. Make sure that you will have backup of necessary data because it will erase entire data from hard drive.


Now click create then click partition and new in the menu. Now you will have to specify the size of the partition, to do so, drag the corner of the partition box to resize or enter the number to indicate the size of your partition. Make sure that you will have enough space for a swap partition.


Now Choose “Primary Partition” for partition and for “Filesystem”  we recommend you to choose “ext3” or you can choose whatever you want.

Now make one more partition, again click “Partition” and “New.” But this time, change Filesystem to “linux-swap” and use the remaining space for your swap.


Now after performing entire operation click apply. Keep one thing in mind that it can not be undone, so make sure that it will say “all operation completed successfully”. Close all Windows and go to desktop, click install.

Installing Puppy Linux:

Now to install the Puppy Linux on hard drive click install at the bottom of the window. Now select the hard drive carefully. Now click the little dog icon to start the installation, click “CD” to install the CD.

Now in the next window click full if you want to make the Puppy main OS otherwise click “Frugal”. Now click install/update Grub. Now click INSTALL then choose simple and click OK. Install GRUB and choose the first option as ROOT. Now close all open windows and reboot the computer.