You may sometimes require the same data on multiple sheets, in which you would need the data to be updated on multiple sheets at the same time. In Microsoft Excel you don’t have to type everything twice, you can link up the data together.

Different worksheets provide a logical and intuitive way to organize your data in Microsoft Excel, in these cases multiple worksheets are used to further separate data into categories such as date or product type.

However you would need to be skillful in using the various MS Excel spreadsheet techniques to be able to implement changes across spreadsheets.

Following are some steps by using them you can get to know that how to link data to different worksheets in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1:

Suppose that you have the data in sheet 1.

Step 2:

Now you open sheet 2 and you want to create a summary page that will show you the total for each region. You create the worksheet as such

Step 3:

What you will do next is copy your totals from sheet 1. You will do this for the north region only.

Step 4:

Now switch back to sheet 1 and select the cell with total for the north region and then copy the data using the copy button on the toolbar or you can hit ctrl-c


Now you have to switch back to sheet 2 and select the cell where the total for the north region will go.

Step 6:

Now you will choose paste link.

Step 7:

After that a link has been created between the cell on sheet 1 and the cell on sheet 2, and then if any values on sheet 1 change, this change should also be represented on sheet 2.

Step 8:

Now just let’s try it, switching back to sheet 1 and change the value in cell B5 to 15 and then hit Enter.

Step 9:

You can notice that the total for the north region changes to 110, now let’s just switch to sheet 2 and see if the change is reflected there.

Step 10:

Now the total has been changed indeed there as well. Now your link has been successfully created.

You can follow above instructions to create link data to different worksheets in Microsoft Excel.