Keyboards are one of the most important component of the system but users ignore keyboard most of the times. Keyboards are open to environment and physical world so it is more prone to dust and debris. To keep the keyboard in a good position we should clean it at regular interval. Cleaning of a keyboard is not a very tough task to do; you can do this in less than 10 minutes. Most of the users also do multitasking; they eat and drink while working on the keyboard.

To clean the keyboard keep the instruction given below in the mind and you will do it in minimum time.


The first and the important step is to turn off the system and detach the keyboard from the computer to avoid any electric shock. It is not necessary every time to turn off the system but you can do it for your own security.


Now just tap the keyboard smoothly from any surface, you can also tap it with hand to replace any debris or big particles present in the keyboard. You can use compressed air to reach every nook and corner of the keyboard.


You can also use vacuum to completely clean the computer. You can easily buy a USB vacuum which is compatible with the computer and it also gets power from computer. If you do not want to use this vacuum then you can also use bowl of water and a piece of cloth to clean the keyboard.


Take some artist brush then pour it into the mixture of water and squeeze it completely before you clean the keyboard. The brush should not be dry but also should not be completely wet. Make sure that there is no liquid present in that brush otherwise it can harm the keyboard. This method is very useful to clean the greasiness and oily surface from the keyboard. After you clean it with brush just take a clean cotton cloth to wipe the keyboard and clean any other dust particles. If you want you can also add mouthwash into that mixture for hygiene purpose.

Some people also use old methods like screw drivers and all to clean the keyboard. But the risk is that it takes so much time to take the keys out and again place the keys to their original position. You can remove all the keys using the screw drivers and clean the keyboard with cloth or brush. But before removing write the keys order; it will be helpful when you place the keys to their position. While placing the keys press them gently. You should also not eating and drinking while working on the keyboard. You can keep the keyboard clean by doing some small things and cleaning it regularly. The performance of the keyboard depends on the cleanliness of the keyboard. If you are more in typing then it is very important to clean and sanitize the keyboard at regular interval.