Having a huge family may make it difficult to manage and maintain your daily schedules; more importantly keeping track of schedules of different family members. However, with the help of an Android phone, efficiency can be maintained in the family schedule. To keep track of your schedule, a Google calendar is a great resource. The advantages are manifold when all the members of a family not only use the Google calendar but also share the calendars with each other. For making these calendars available almost anywhere, an Android phone is a great resource.

Instructions to use your Android phone to aid in the Family Schedule

To aid in the family schedule, the Android phone can be used by following some necessary steps as mentioned below.

Step 1: Through a web browser, go to the Google calendar in your Gmail account. For this purpose, you can use an Android phone, but it would be much easier through a computer. Along the left hand side of the screen, there would be a ‘My Calendars’ widget with your Google account, which would be listed as the one calendar.

Step 2: Besides your calendar, click on the small down arrow and then select ‘Share this calendar’. After that, enter your family member’s Google account on the page and about what permission they would have to your calendar. To send a sharing invitation to the email account, press ‘Add Person’.

Step 3: Once this is done, go to Google Calendar for the receiving account and then subscribe to the shared calendar.

Step 4: Repeat the steps previously mentioned, for the purpose of sharing this accounts calendar with the first account; after its done, go back and subscribe to it in the first account.

Step 5: Following the above procedure would result in the two accounts calendars being shared with each other and would enable the users to view all on one calendar. Exploring the settings on the application can also get different peoples events to appear as different colors on the calendar.

Step 6: The android phone of yours should have asked you for your Google account while you had configured it first; and be syncing back and forth with your Google account calendar. It would also pick up the shared calendar and display the particular events on the Android phone.

Step 7: Now you need to press long enough on the Android phones desktop for adding a widget to the screen. The calendar widget is a great tool as it shows the next event on your shared calendars, with different colors. The calendar would be displayed by tapping on the widget.

Using your Android phones can also be especially useful in keeping track on the things kids go through, with the set up of Google accounts. Also, your web browser can be configured to use iGoogle as the homepage. The Google calendar gadget can be put on your page for viewing your events that way.