Along with Mobile phones, Mobile ringtones have also come a long way. There were times when there were just the monophonic ringtones which had Beep sound in varied frequencies to create a song like audio. Then came, the Polyphonic ringtones which changes the way a phone alerts you in total. You can have your wife sweetly asking you to pick the phone when a call comes or your boss shouting on you to pick the phone. Yes you can records the audio and set it as a ringtone on your phones now. You can set a complete song as the ringtone on your phone or if you wish you can have different ringtones for different people. Android phones have taken this experience a bit further and they have launched an application which allows to you grab a part of audio from any audio file and save it as a ring tone. Now why should you listen to the long music in the beginning of the song when you can directly start your ringtone from the song?

In this post I will discuss the way to create ringtone from any song or audio file and set it on your Android smart phone.

  1. First step would be to bring the master file on your phone. Am naming the source file as Master file because this will be the one from which we will cut our ringtone out. To transfer the song you can either connect it directly to your computer using the USB cable, or make a paired connection Via Bluetooth. You can also get the song transferred by anybody else to your phone using Bluetooth.
  1. Once you have the Master file on your Android Phone launch the Android Market Place. In Android Market Place search for an application called Ringdroid.
  1. Once found download and install it on your phone. This application is the one which is available for cutting a piece of audio from any audio file.
  1. Once installed launch the application and in the application you will find that all the songs and audio files which you have on your phone our listed in the application. You can browse to the master file and play the same.
  1. You will see that the song will get played and you can see the graphical representation of the song stream as well. You can tap on the stream to select the part of song which you like to fetch from the master file and then click on the save button to save it separately as a ringtone.
  1. Once done you can close the Ringdroid application and then browse to the location where you have saved the newly created ringtone and try playing it if you wish else go to its options and set it as a ringtone.

These were some simple steps for creating a ringtone. You can have more fun by recording your voice or somebody else’s voice and creating its ringtone.